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Career Prospects at KordaMentha

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Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
If you work hard and fulfil your duties you will be promoted annually
Promotions every year for first 4 years
At this stage, it is hard to tell how easy it is to move up the ranks due to only being at the company for a short time. Promotions are based on a competency model.
Senior staff assist us in strengthening our skills and knowledge, and promotions are always given where deserved.
Promotions are considered annually and as long as you are meeting the set requirements, you are likely to be promoted. They work with staff who may be falling behind to assist them work through issues.
If you are meeting expectations, you will be promoted each year until manager level.
Provided you are at the level you're required to be at with your work, progression and promotion possibilities are common. Usually each year or two.
If you work hard and meet all competencies, you will be able to move up. Obviously responsibilities will become tougher and expectations higher, but the corporate structure is designed to be progressed.