Job Satisfaction at KordaMentha

Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.

General admin level running of a business tasks and basic insolvency related tasks.
Graduate, Perth
Trading on of businesses; report writing; company investigations; correspondence with creditors.
Graduate, Sydney
Receipts and payments on jobs. Completing statutory forms. Assisting in trading of businesses (when applicable). Main point of contact for creditors of various companies. Investigating possible breaches of the Corporation Act by the Directors. Writing of reports to various bodies and parties. Liaising with sales agents and insurance brokers.
Graduate, Brisbane
As an Executive Analyst, I am responsible for overseeing and coordinating junior staff on jobs, liaising with upper management. Specifically, on my jobs I handle employees, risk mitigation, statutory requirements, investigations and asset sales.
Midlevel, Melbourne
My work responsibilities are engagement dependent: they vary from the mundane such as following up with clients about bills being paid to the more interesting work that we do which involves aspects of finance, accounting and investigation, including valuation based work, to dispute work (such as quantifying the value of damages in a dispute between parties) to investigating fraud and corporate malfeasance.
Entry level, Sydney
Work is always varied. I could spend one day in court the next facilitating the transfer of a few million dollars.
Graduate, Melbourne
Preparing letters, investigating books and records and bank accounts of Companies, liaising with various stakeholders, lodgment of statutory forms, various tasks related to trading on businesses etc.
Graduate, Townsville
Statutory compliance Trade on accounting Preparation of reports and due diligence materials
Graduate, Brisbane