Working Hours at KordaMentha

How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?

Can be long hours when busy but otherwise normal work hours
Graduate, Perth
As flexible as a normal professional services firm. We are given 3 days study leave for the CA which is not always seen. My work hours can be very long when reports are due.
Graduate, Sydney
Normally 9 - 5:30, however depending on jobs and workload, can be longer - all about communication with your team and managers.
Entry level, Sydney
On the whole, the work hours are not overly bad and quite flexible (I.e. if you have an appointment, you are able to attend and make up the hours later). There will be times when you are working well in excess of your required hours such as when a large/trading job comes in, but in down time, it is easy to leave at 5.
Graduate, Brisbane
We have quiet period where we work 40 hours a week then busy periods where we work 80 hours a week. It varies greatly but when the hours are long, the work is very interesting so you don't get too upset about it.
Entry level, Perth
I generally work from 8.30-6pm. However, when there are busy periods (e.g. overlapping of jobs closing out and new jobs) or at the beginning of new jobs, I will work until 9-10 however this usually settles down after a few days to weeks depending on the job size.
Midlevel, Melbourne
KordaMentha is very flexible with working hours and is happy for staff to make up hours if they have commitments elsewhere. I very rarely work longer than an 8 hr. work day.
Entry level, Townsville
They are flexible with the working hours. We are required to complete timesheets and work 37.5 hours per week. These are the minimum required working hours, however, the firm is flexible with appointments and making up the time you miss.
Graduate, Townsville