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Corporate Social Responsibility at Lendlease

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What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?
RAP program, reading to local students, family fun days
The company is genuine in their push for social responsibility and embody it in everything that we do.
We place emphasis on safety with stringent minimum standards for all contractors who work for us with regard to how they conduct work activities. We also work with external rating agencies such as Green Star to ensure our developments are environmentally sustainable/positive.
The Foundation. Haven't really had the opportunity to be involved though.
We run a number of community events and one day a year the whole business shuts down to give back to the community in some way. It would be great if this was promoted more regularly throughout the year.
Google it! There's heaps. It contributes to company's reputation which in turn makes me proud to work for such a company.
We are increasingly trying to build and work in green star rated buildings/places (sustainability). The company also has community days where staff assist the community in various ways. There are programs where staff can tutor high school students on their lunch breaks. The foundation has many more programs. We also have/are part of a program that assists indigenous students into a formal pathway into the company.
Projects/initiatives include fundraising events for various charities. Mates in construction and are you ok day event in the works. Also, community day is also being planned. I have yet to work on a initiatives.
Fitness programs, team bonding programs etc.
Very committed to sustainability and creating 'the best places'.
Run a company wide community day once a year where workers volunteer on a local project. Many other opportunities available if you seek them out.
They have a day where the whole company shuts down and goes and works on a community project locally for a day. there is other external activities - such as volunteering, but I have not participated (as yet)
We have a Communities program that is constantly getting involved in the community and in particular a big company-wide event held annually
The company is constantly pushing initiatives. Lendlease has a strong commitment to helping others outside the company!
Volunteer at ultimo primary fortnightly teaching English. Community Day each year.
Range of initiatives that address CSR directly.
Most recently we went to an indigenous careers fair.
We run community days, and our team have held a few events which involved fundraising