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Culture at Lendlease

7.9 rating for Culture, based on 52 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
People respect everyone's experience and background. There is a huge focus of collaboration to drive the best outcomes. The organisation has a good social culture which is facilitated by the heads of business and managers. There is a large culture of having a 'work family'
There are generally long hours at work but they are recognised and appreciated by the project and the business. We have team catch ups formally and socially as well as catch ups with the broader team. Teamwork and collaboration is a big part of everyones day.
Very collaborative and open. I feel very comfortable throwing ideas onto the table without fear of ridicule or negativity. The teams I have worked with are very professional and only on a few occasions has the environment become heated. I can openly talk about expectations and my manager is realistic in terms of workload and deliverables, and encourages me (and the team) to speak up when over-worked/over-loaded. Outside of the office the team is very sociable and tries to get together at least 1-2 times a month for drinks. We are able to leave work behind and chat and get to know each other on a more personal level. My team and wider work colleagues can all speak candidly with each other outside of the office, which is enjoyable.
At one of my previous projects (CBD Alliance), the culture in the office was superb. The team was very cohesive and their was a lot of socialising out of work hours. This sort of culture is very rare. Besides the CBD Alliance, I have not yet experienced an office that is as cooperative or friendly. That was a testament to the Alliance manager who has since resigned from Lendlease. The company's culture as a whole is not great.
Heavily involved culture. Regular after hours events and interaction. Solid amount of socialising between office/site based staff
The culture is very strong, welcoming and supportive at all times.
I have not yet experienced office after hours. In office culture is great. Bosses and heads are approachable, as with anyone. I attribute this sometimes to open floor plan but I do also believe that LL is just a laid back company once you are inside.
There is a strong hierarchy but at the same time it isn't formal being in construction. Teamwork is pretty good amongst engineers and foremen. Lot of socialising as we are all moving around for work. Company facilitates a small amount but mostly people just stick together because we know we will all need support out here.
For the most part the culture in our office is very good. The majority of people get on well with each other and spend time chatting and joking through the day. Work still remains a priority but people generally make time to catch up with each other. We have only held one function outside of work in my time but it was a very good night. The entire business unit from the receptionist through to the GM interacted with each other and we all seemed to enjoy ourselves.
Different offices have a different culture, however as mentioned it is reassuring that from a corporate level they are encouraging improvements with people management. From a younger person's perspective, there are a number of senior managers that insist on creating a hierarchy and others that will be very relatable and "human".
Up and down depending on need. Large Corporation with associated politics.
There is a very inclusive culture. It is common to go for drinks after work at the end of the week. It is also common to get coffee/lunch with colleagues. Collaboration is a core value and so teamwork is definitely part of every day.
As the project has only recently started and there is a lot of new people, the team culture has only begun to develop. The team has had a bonding golf day which went quite well. More team bonding events are probably needed to help the team meld together. There is some office politics which does intimidate some of us in the team. .
The company is amazing in terms of helping its employees. Allows flexible working conditions, hours and focuses on wellbeing.
Culture is very Sydney focused, no drinking in the office, very difficult to host events.
Structure is very rigid - you know your supervisors personally up multiple levels. Teamwork is good - everyone is available for advice and integrates well. Social events happen both formally and informally on a regular basis.
Great team atmosphere on site. The higher level managers from the office make the effort to learn your name.
Everyone at lendlease is 'available'. even senior mgmt is accessible to the smallest individual. Socialising is great at head office - site based work is a little different.
There is a good after hours culture and people do work together to deliver the project.