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Sustainability at Lendlease

8.4 rating for Sustainability, based on 50 reviews
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Precinct wide sustainable infrastructure, less printing
The company is committed to the triple bottom line of sustainability being social, economic and environmental sustainability. It is embedded in everything we do and produce.
Priority of increasing material procured with recycled content, initiatives for office to decrease waste
Lendlease recently established a timber company manufacturing cross laminated timber - a sustainably resourced alternative construction material with a unique construction methodology allowing rapid erection of structure.
Lendlease are continually trying to improve the way they run the business and reduce the carbon footprint we leave. The recently constructed Barangaroo building received a 6 star green star rating.
In the process of changing this as we move to agile working conditions, however project offices are not very conscious at reducing paper usage etc. More investment in personal devices / office AV is needed to reduce the need for paper plans and other shared documents.
Tries to make me not print things.
I work for a building company. If anybody really cared there would be no such thing as building companies.
We have a green wall in our new office and it is a 6 star green star office building. Paper reduction is encouraged.
Lendlease focuses on using sustainable material and using electrical equipment which uses less energy. Our waste recycling target on the project is 90%.
Huge on sustainability. Many procedures in place for reducing carbon footprint. Thorough reporting
Head office makes this a high priority but site offices do not shadow this initiative.
LL make a concerted effort to ensure they practice what they preach. Green walls, waste minimisation, procurement of carbon neutral products.
Sustainability is a huge priority for LL.
Delivery of 6 green star certified projects
Many initiatives, and tracking of these initiatives make Lendlease committed player in the green initiatives space.
A lot of value towards sustainability.
Strong emphasis on sustainability by the company as a whole and regular audits of site offices.
We have sustainability initiatives that have been in the news recently.
Recycling, plants around the office,