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Working Hours at Lendlease

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Very flexible - core hours are 8:30an-5:00pm however flexible based on having a conversation with your manager.
The company encourages and promotes flexible working hours and work / life balance. Hours in the office are generally long, as long as you get what you need to get done, you have the flexibility to work around your life.
Managers are open to negotiating flexible hours. Time in lieu is on the table for times when late nights have been frequent. Typical hours are standard.
Moderately flexible. Construction industry standard
Work hours are highly flexible and do not require onerous time spent at work.
Very flexible. I generally work 8:30-5:30 with some extra hours when things are busy and less hours when things are quiet
Company definitely is flexible with hours and working from home etc. but I am not sure such arrangements are available to me as a graduate who is better in the office and working face-to-face with other colleagues in order to gain the experience.
They are flexible as in you can go out during the day to get other stuff done if you need to, or take days off when you want, but the number of hours you have to do to get your job done is large so you will end up making it up somewhere.
The hours can be quite long. I have spent several nights at the office until 9 or 10pm trying to meet a deadline. They can also be flexible though, if you need to attend an appointment or leave early for personal reason I have never been questioned and have always been allowed to leave.
The required number of hours to fulfill your role is significantly more than you're contractually bound to. This is an expectation within corporate environments that needs work and alignment.
My area works much more achievable hours than other business units. I might stay back till 8 or 9pm but only during a short crunch period. Other than that 5-6pm.
I signed up for 8.30 to 5 and generally work from 8 to 5. Still can't complain.
The company is very flexible unless you work on the construction sites (They have strict, long hours due to the nature of the work). The office is fine as long as you do your work and are seen turning up.
My contract specifies a number of hours however during my first few weeks I was told that in the office I had to bump up my hours because I had to prove myself to the team.
Long, 12 hour days, usually 6 days a week. However can leave early work load dependent
As I work on site, I work 7am to 4pm. My work hours are flexible, if I need to leave for an appointment there is always no issues.
Very flexible, no set times. Generally 8-6 type hours.
Long hours are expected with no overtime and the salary does not cover these extended hours.
The hours a flexible to an extent, but you must put a lot of hours to get your workload done.
Very flexible with work hours; more important to complete the work