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Pros & Cons

  • The people, and the close working relationship that you're able to develop with your team.
  • I have a fantastic team the directors listen to any feedback I offer and I note some changes are made due to that feedback
  • Work life flexibility, fantastic team and great people, professional training is provided constantly, office location
  • The location, and the atmosphere of the office
  • Work life balance is supported by teams and directors.
  • A lot of administration work is placed on accountants responsible for the client therefore leading to unchargeable time, lack of innovation in the way we do work, KPI's seems to be unanimous across the firm and not tailored to each employee.
  • The lack of communication between staff members and the segregation of teams
  • Old fashioned mentality - traditional dress code, complicated bureaucracy, paper based files, etc.
  • I think if there was one thing I would like it would be the opportunity to work in different services instead of spending my whole time in one, it would be good to get experience in a variety of accounting services.
  • High workloads, sometimes